Kathy M.


Great poetry book. It has that old style poetry feel that I've been missing. With each poem, I feel like I'm following a story.


Stephanie W.


Love, love, love this. Well Done. Benefactress nailed it! 


Marty M.


I love your book! "Freedom" is my favorite. There is no greater love that I've felt, than rising in love with self. 


Denita Q


Wow! Well done 🙌🏾 I loved the intro on the opposite page and the poem was not only a poem well written but was relatable .

I could feel myself thinking about each word. It pulled me in. I Wanted to read on to the next line. It definitely held my attention! Then the completion of each poem allowed me to pause and reflect before going to the next poem.

Well written with perfect word choices. You touched on a lot of relatable topics for men and women, teenage girls and boys. All races.

The poems left me feeling empowered to think about how to make a positive difference in my life and to see things without trying to make it fit me .

The M.O.- I asked myself should she have rated it .. Adult only ? Hot sis .. excellent placement in the book VERY relatable!!! On point for all The M.O. ‘s of the world. 😀 And the bathtub photo Peaceful, Renewed , Beautiful and Free!